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Travelling Gallery inspires creative learning through its very nature. We have built strong partnerships with communities across Scotland to create an enjoyable environment to discuss and learn from our contemporary exhibitions. Every exhibition has a learning programme to reflect the diverse artistic practices on show, from workshops, exhibition talks, and events.

“Access to contemporary art means different things to different people. For many it is an opportunity to question concepts or mediums they might not have associated with art before. It can make people laugh, feel sad, and encourage discussion across all ages and abilities.”
Jo Arksey, Learning and Engagement Coordinator


Travelling Gallery’s unique reach means we are able to bring our exhibitions to your local town centre, from Lerwick to Dumfries and Renfrew to Dunbar, we provide an opportunity for everybody to engage in current contemporary art practices. A member of the Travelling Gallery team is always on board to welcome you, discuss the artworks, and provide interpretive material.


We work closely with our partner organisations to provide tailored visits for groups and organisations. This can be a visit to a local community hub or resource centre with a planned session and workshop exploring the materials and themes of the exhibition. Led by our experienced Learning and Engagement Officer, we have worked with venues and groups as broad as HMP Edinburgh, Sikh Sanjog, The Disability Resource Centre, Dundee International Women’s Centre, Care Home, Maggie’s Centres, and Queen Margaret University.

Learning Resources

Travelling Gallery runs workshops, taken in conjunction with our exhibition programme, to provide a unique opportunity for people of all ages and abilities, to be actively involved in the creative process and understanding of contemporary visual art. Through the guidance of experienced professional artists; participants are given an excellent opportunity to explore a variety of skills, media and innovative ideas accommodating a wide range of learning requirements.

A resource pack is available for each exhibition, covering artistic themes, history, mediums, and extra information on the exhibiting artists often taken from interviews and studio visits. This pack is shared with art departments and learning staff across Scotland before a gallery visit as a catalyst for pre and post visit discussions and helps to draw links between our exhibitions and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.


In 2019 Travelling Gallery reached 4339 school pupils! We work closely with teachers to fit around their schedule, classes of up to 20 pupils can visit the gallery for a timetabled slot where a trained Travelling Gallery team member will discuss the exhibition with pupils; presenting new ideas, materials and asking questions which provoke curiosity and imagination. An accessible Learning Resource linking the exhibition to the curriculum is provided before every visit and CPD sessions can be provided on request.

“Travelling Gallery has reached hundreds of young people here who just wouldn’t have that kind of experience otherwise; learning outside of the classroom, giving young people an extraordinary experience of something creative. It makes them think differently. For such a huge number I think the impact is enormous.”
Secondary school teacher, Glasgow
Children visiting the Travelling Gallery