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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

A Bonnie Way

March - May 2024

Bobbi Cameron, Ufuoma Essi & Sarah Rose

Travelling Gallery’s next exhibition will be A Bonnie Way, Unravelling the seduction of the countryside, a group show organised in partnership with Hospitalfield

The exhibition will present the work of three artists, Ufuoma Essi, Bobbi Cameron and Sarah Rose from Hospitalfield’s Residencies programme, who explore their experiences of life and conversations in rural and semi-rural place. The artworks will be accompanied by an index of community-based publications.

The depiction of Scotland via international travel guides such as Visit Scotland depict this place as a rugged, rural place where stags roam and men in kilts dwell. This exhibition looks to feature the work of artists who are engaging in life and its representation within Scotland and the UK, outside of the central belt and well visited areas of Scotland. These ideas stem from Hospitalfield’s location and approach where they are inspired by the beautiful coastal location that wears on its sleeves its industries: polytunnels on local farms line the landscape, military bases double up as beaches to walk on and jobs are bound to the needs to the local area.

Hospitalfield write:

“In Angus, we know that one of the challenges about living in this region is the feeling of disconnectedness through both physical distance and inconsistent and unreliable public transport. Travelling Gallery has the potential to connect people in rural places through travelling beyond the central belt. Community arts in rural regions thrives and arts centres, organisations and DIY initiatives have been making democratic projects with communities and young people for years. Our proposal is to share the outcomes, zines, photos and ephemera from these projects with each other – reach our audiences and invite them to hear about the questions and concerns of rural communities in each place – how they differ and how they share experiences of boredom and joy.”

To accompany the show we’re creating a library / index of community publications and would love your help! We want to invite you to submit any zines, posters, publications, photos and ephemera that have been produced as a result of artists working with communities. We are particularly keen on anything that speaks of the contemporary experience of people living in rural areas. We will then map the partners and projects to create an Index of rural art projects and an alternative methods of navigating our rural and semi-rural regions. 

Publications can be added to the library as we tour or you can post to us directly at Travelling Gallery, City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DE.

Image: Ufuoma Essi, Pastoral Malaise, Film still, 2022


Visiting the exhibition

 The exhibition will tour between March and May 2024. Venues will be added to our Tour Dates page as they are  confirmed.