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Here Comes Everybody

Here Comes Everybody


Kennard Phillips and Scott Lang

This highly collaborative project uses a combination of mediums and materials such as photomontage, digital print, collage and stencils to address important social concerns, from local to global. With a direct and immediate approach, Here Comes Everybody includes contrasting billboard imagery of London’s slick financial landscape in Canary Wharf against the rough medium of spray paint and stencils reflecting street art and gang tag practice. Highlighting the ever increasing gap between average wages and top executives.

Demonstrating the importance of collaboration, the concept of Here Comes Everybody hinges around strong participation by local audiences from the artist led War On War Room workshops, held throughout Scotland in conjunction with the Travelling Gallery’s tour. Workshop participants had the chance to produce artwork which was added to the exhibition as the tour progressed.

Here Comes Everybody toured in the Travelling Gallery in association with Stills Gallery, Edinburgh.