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TGOZ - Artists

Claire Barclay

Fresh from her experience of being one of the 3 major artists selected to represent Scotland in last year's Venice Biennale, Claire's work in the Travelling Gallery is a direct response to the dynamics of the gallery itself. Working around and within the spaces unoccupied by the other artists within the gallery and using a range of materials often more associated with craft than art, her sculpture/installation provides both tension and comfort to the visitor.  Claire was awarded the Australia Residency in 1997. She lives and works in Renfrewshire.

Nathalie de Briey

Using varying media depending on the nature of the work, Nathalie's recent art has included drawings, video, photography, embroidery, bookworks and installation. For the Travelling Gallery exhibition she has made a series of flipbooks of a film she made while in Tasmania in 2001.  The film captures the beginning of the day, the sunrise starting with its green and orange glow, the seagulls at rest on the roof taking to flight as the sun rises. Nathalie has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.  She lectures in Fine Art at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle and currently lives and works in Glasgow.

Samantha Clark

Night Navigation is a video loop installation of tiny night-flying insects attracted to a brightly lit window, imitating miniature constellations of the night sky.  "The first time I looked up at the night sky over Hobart and couldn't identify a single shape I felt giddy with distance, a kind of horizontal vertigo. Orion the Hunter, the only constellation visible in both hemispheres, seemed like a welcome visitor from home." Samantha spent the first 7 months of 2000 in Australia. This work explores maudlin night thoughts and thinking of those who were close who are now distant. Samantha now lives in Edinburgh.

Alan Currall

Working predominately in the medium of video and often featuring himself performing to the camera, Alan Currall's work likes to use humour as a mechanism for engaging an audience.  While in Canberra in 2001 Alan spent three months searching for 'the safest place on Earth'. He didn't find it but he did find the time and space to think about why such an unlikely ideal might be so compelling. 'Pretending to live in a safer world' is the result of that time.  Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Alan now lives and works in Glasgow.

Kevin Henderson

While in Australia in 2000, artist, writer and lecturer Kevin Henderson, presented an installation work incorporating photography and video, a solo performance work and a series of collaborative performance works with Australian artist Julie Henderson.  For the Travelling Gallery exhibition Kevin continues the characteristic of one aspect of his research, which is a study of narrative within the field of visual performance and performance writing, by exhibiting the pre-performance stage direction to the Jack Hibberd play A Stretch of the Imagination. Kevin Henderson was born in Singapore and now lives in Perthshire.

Stephen Hurrel

In 1997 Stephen Hurrel dropped a small personalised object placed in a sealed container into sea off the cost of Tasmania.  He imagines the object continuing to float about endlessly, activating the vastness of the sea and emphasising its emptiness.  The Travelling Gallery exhibition shows footage of him performing a similar action off the north cost of Scotland.  This time there will be more likelihood of it being washed ashore in an inhabited area and therefore hopefully found this time. Stephen Hurrel lives and works in Glasgow.

Mandy McIntosh

During her residency in 1999 Mandy McIntosh started exploring craft practice in Tasmania in relation to local wool production and more specifically, the Woman's Institute. She made a website entitled Woolworld which subsequently linked two other islands, Newfoundland and Fair Isle.  In the Travelling Gallery she renovates this website and extends it to include a new island, Manhattan.  McIntosh has made a knitting pattern for an object inspired by the vultures at the Bronx Zoo. The pattern is available online. Mandy McIntosh was born in Glasgow and is currently artist in residence in New York.

Anne Morrison

When travelling and visiting new countries people often collect cards, postcards, tickets, or take snapshots of places visited. Anne Morrison is drawn more to the tiny intimate details which are often overlooked; textures, patterns, rhythms and processes - the essence of a place.  In the Travelling Gallery she shows a series of small paintings on both canvas and paper.  The paintings are not direct representations of specific forms but instead take on a life of their own, as patterns in natures they create their own identity.  Born in Glasgow, Anne Morrison was awarded the Australia residency in 1994-95 and continues to live in Hobart, Tasmania, returning to Scotland annually.

Calum Stirling

While in Australia, Calum Stirling gained a temporary license to fossick for gem stones in Queensland and spent a number of days in the mining communities of Sapphire, Rubyvale and Emerald digging and panning for stones. The artwork Corundum  is a series of objects and documents which outline an exploration of gemstone mining and the use of cut sapphires in phonographic reproduction equipment.  Calum Stirling's recent shows include Living Systems show, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Ouroboros, The Music of the Spheres, CCA Glasgow, and Collective Juke Box 4.03, Museo Fotografia Contemporanea, Milan. Calum went to Australia in 2000. He lives and works in Glasgow.

Zoë Walker

During her residency at Canberra School of Art in 1999/2000, Zoë Walker was struck initially by the attempts of explorers and settlers to transform the Australian landscape into something familiarly European.  She began looking at early European paintings of Australia and this lead to her making an inflatable Scottish style mountain/tent which she took out to Lake Eyre in the Central dessert.  In the exhibition she shows beautiful photographs of the snow capped mountain in the dessert and a film documenting the event.  Zoë is currently living in London and working at Edinburgh College of Art.