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Past Exhibitions

installation for website small.jpgAlec Finlay
Day of Access

August to December 2019

The focus of the Day of Access exhibition was on access to nature - drawings, sculpture,photography and poetry which all explored the effect disability has on mobility and access to nature.


install small.jpgMarch to June 2019

Travelling Gallery’s Spring 2019 exhibition, Displaced, explored how artists are responding to global migration and the refugee crisis. The exhibition featured work by Halil Altindere, Brendon Bannon, Broomberg and Chanarin, Elizabeth Kwant and Alberta Whittle. For further information see the Spring 19 exhibition page.

Gordon Douglasweb image past exh.jpg
Black Box Take Stock

17 August to 30 November 2018

An exhibition by performance artist Gordon Douglas to celebrate the Travelling Gallery's 40th birthday year.

Further information is on the Autumn 2018 exhibition page

small shelf install image.jpg

Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat?

6 March to 14 June 2018

A group exhibition featuring work by Arpita Shah, Alice Theobald and Holly White.

See the Spring 2018 exhibition page for further information.


_MG_3605small.jpgLauren Printy Currie
Her body remembered a night-blooming cereus, sweated industry and salt (what came near)

17 August to 5th December 2017

The exhibition, in partnership with Glasgow Women's Library, presented a new body of work which derived from Printy Currie's residency at the library.

For more information see the Autumn 2017 exhibition page.


14 February to 18 June 2017

EAT SLEEP WORK REPEAT asked about how we can abstract ourselves from the commonplace workplace and what humour, joy and subtleties can be found in our routine, commute, labour, administration and leisure. The themes explored all departed from KP Brehmer's influential series Soul and Feelings of a Worker (1978 - 1980). The exhibition featured work by Jamie Green, Tessa Lynch, Amalia Pica and KP Brehmer.For more information see the Spring 2017 exhibition page.

Image: At first you break windows, then you become a window yourself, Jamie Green (2015)

Charles Young.gifAlt-w: Blush Response

12 August to 5 December 2016

The Alt-w: Blush ResponseI exhibition was a partnership with New Media Scotland and featured works commissioned by the Alt-w fund by artists Charles Young, Dennis and Debbie Club, Torsten Lauschmann collaborating with The Bothy Project and ~in the fields.

Visit the Autumn 2016 exhibition page for more information.

Image: Paperholm, Charles Young, (2014 - 2016)

Here Comes Everybody

_MG_8974.jpg29 February to 27 May 2016

This highly collaborative project by KennardPhillips and Scott Lang, in association with Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, included participation by local audiences at artist-led War on War workshops around Scotland. For more information see the Spring 2016 exhibition page.

Image photographer: Filipp Solovjov

Eyes on the Prize

22nd August to 5th December 2015

Eyes on the Prize featured work from Scottish artists who were previous Turner Prize winners or nominees, to complement Tramway, Glasgow hosting the Turner Prize exhibition. Artists were Christine Borland and Brody Condon, Martin Boyce, Ian Hamilton-Finlay, Douglas Gordon, Callum Innes, Jim Lambie, Ciara Phillips, Lucy Skaer and David Shrigley.

For more information visit the Autumn 2015 exhibition page

VADimAB120215 (35)web small.jpgDesign in Motion

13th February to 21st June 2015

'Design in Motion' was a collaboration with V&A Dundee. The exhibition showcased 7 innovative Scottish designers working with digital technology; Geoffrey Mann, Sophia George, Anarkik 3D, Sara Robertson and Sarah Taylor, Lynne MacLachlan, Digital Design Studio and Holly Fulton.

For more information visit the Spring 2015 exhibition page.


18th July to 14th November 2014

GENERATION:TG was a group exhibition which included five artists, Laura Aldridge, Craig Coulthard, Mandy McIntosh, Hanna Tuulikki and David Sherry.

For more information visit the Autumn 2014 exhibition page.

1.The Baptism of Clyde small.jpg

i heart scotland.png

14th February to 26th May 2014

Rachel Maclean's I HEART SCOTLAND exhibition presented a kitsch and humourous reading of contemporary Scottish identity. The exhibition included a selection of work from the exhibition's successful run at the Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Art Festival 2013.

Visit the Spring 2014 exhibition page for more information about the exhibition.

IMAGE: Rachel Maclean ' The Baptism of Clyde', 2013. Archival inkjet print, edition size 10. Paper size 91.5 x 61cm. Commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.


install small.jpg22nd August - 10th December 2013

THIS LAND presented a beautifully alternative view of the Scottish landscape, featuring work by artists Henry Coombes, Andy Holden, Hannah Imlach, Michael Reisch and Iain Sarjeant.

You can find out more about THIS LAND on the Autumn 2013 page.

turquoise heid logo.JPG

TH installation small.JPG1st March - 15th June 2013

The exhibition 'Turquoise Heid' was a busy group show of nine established and emerging artists from both home and abroad, who use a playful, childlike, feel good essence in their work, sometimes hiding darker depths but more often making us smile.

See the Spring 2013 page for more information about Turquoise Heid.


24th August - 7th December 2012

1 WE FORM GEOLOGYsmall.jpgIlana Halperin transformed the Travelling Gallery into a miniature hall of gems and minerals. Visitors to the installation were able to discover geologically inspired films, prints, drawings and sculptures by the artist.

For more information see the Autumn 2012 exhibition page

exh title.JPG

2nd March - 15th June 2012

interior of alt-w shortcuts sml.JPGAlt-w Shortcuts was a group exhibition of eleven artists whose practice has been supported by the Alt-w Fund. The artwork exhibited had a digital element, but included a variety of media, such as drawing, film, animation, sound, photography and tapestry.

For more information on the exhibition and the artists involved have a look at the Spring 2012 exhibition page.

WM logo small.JPG

25th August - 9th December 2011

Waste Management interior small.JPGLaunched during the Edinburgh Art Festival, this installation consisted of a series of collaborative new screenprints by Jonathan Owen and Charlie Hammond as well as new sculptures. Both artists have been known to change the appearance of objects around them and use dark humour and absurdity in their work. Because of this balance of contrasts and shared concerns, this was a fascinating and playful exhibition.

See the Autumn 11 exhibition page for more information.


P1020038 (2)small.JPG26th February - 23rd June 2011

Drawn In was an exploration of drawing as a tool for unlocking the imagination. The exhibition included new artworks specially commissioned for the Travelling Gallery's unique space with the help of new funds from The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Creative Scotland, including animation by Katy Dove, a bold wall drawing by Rob Churm and sculptural installations by artist Franziska Furter.

There were also artworks from Japanese performance artist Sachiko Abe, Belgium based brother and sister Sara and Wout Bomans, Richard Forster, Alex Frost and Swiss artist Nicolas Party. For more information see the Spring 11 page.

Imp Nat Solo small.jpg

21st August - 13th December 2010
interior imp nat small.JPG
IMPOSSIBLE NATION was a partnership project between the Travelling Gallery and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery's Portrait of the Nation: Live, and presented a thought-provoking visual collage of twisted folk tales and fragmented history which attempted to discover if there is such a thing as a Scottish national identity.
The artists involved in IMPOSSIBLE NATION were: Fraser Gray, Martin McGuinness, Richard Riach, Rabiya Choudhry, Andy MacVicar, Mike Inglis, Pete Martin and Kirsty Whiten. To find out more have a look at the Autumn 2010 page.


1st March - 16th June 2010

'Klook Klook' featured a group of artists who use sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, installation, print and film to create works exploring human/animal interaction in art. The artists featured were: Bestué/Vives, Ashley Nieuwenhuizen, Edward Summerton, Charles Avery, Tania Kovats, Andrea Roe and Kirsty Whitten. To find out more check the Spring 2010 page.

24th August - 11th December 2009minnie small.JPG

'Paint Can' looked at how contemporary artists use paint, and how the seductive qualities of paint can be used within other media, including film, animation, drawing and performance. The artists shown were George Barber, Christopher Stevens, Alexis Harding, Michael Craik, Miranda Blennerhassett, Jacco Olivier, Carol Rhodes, and Ufuk Gueray. For more information check the Autumn 09 page.

28th February - 12th June 2009

'Finger Buffet' was an exhibition all about food; both the pleasure and enjoyment we get from food and drink, and also issues such as junk food, waste, GM food and packaging. The five exhibiting artists were Alex Frost, Gayle Chong Kwan, Janice McNab, Kate Owens and Mariah Skellorn. For more information check the Spring 09 Exhibition page.

23rd August - 5th December 2008

ON EDGE was an exhibition exploring our relationship with the sea and coastline. It featured artwork by seven artists; TS Beall, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Dalziel and Scullion, Celine Duval, Michael Mersinis and Charlotte Watters. For more information about ON EDGE check the Autumn 08 exhibition page.

25th February - 7th June 2008

The 'Re/trato' exhibition included an international selection of artwork by eight artists from as far away as Colombia and Australia. All of the works on show were either portraits or used the human figure. The exhibiting artists were: Shaun Gladwell, Greg Grant, Kenny Hunter, Hideko Inoue, Oscar Munoz, Ursula Sokolowska, Francis Upritchard and Nafeesa Umar. For more information about the exhibition have a look at the Spring 08 page.

31st August - 9th December 2007

Access All Areas was a group show designed to exploit all the senses and not just sight, and included artwork to touch, smell and listen to as well as look at. The gallery showed interactive artworks by eight contemporary artists including Stefan Baumberger and Nicole Heidke, who work together as 'in the fields', Martina Fischer, Peter Gannon, Su Grierson, Sarah Kettley, Rosita McKenzie and Camilla Adams. To find out more have a look at the Autumn 07 exhibition page.

12th April - 29th June 2007

The first exhibition in the new Travelling Gallery featured six artists all inspired by architecture and the build environment. Exhibiting artists included Cath Campbell, Donna Conlon, Will Duke, Matthew Houding , Toby Paterson and Susie Wright, and the work on show ranged from delicate cut-paper drawings to 3D computer animation. To find out more have a look at the Spring 07 exhibition page.

29th August - 13th December 2006

The JaGGy-edge exhibition featured artwork by seven different artists who all use collage; from traditional paper cut-out to digital imagery. Artwork included large scale landscape collages, animations based on supermarket logos and paintings derived from paper models of old masters as well as sculpture and an installation. To find out more, have a look at the Autumn 06 page.

6th March - 16th June 2006

Not me, not you: Neither us nor them was a vibrant group show of artwork by a group of participants from the PixelCurious project based in North Ayrshire. PixelCurious is a new media collaborative arts initiative, which works with a wide range of people from various backgrounds, the majority of whom have never participated in a arts project before.

The exhibition showed artwork in a variety of media, including video, photography, painting and sculpture, with a focus on portraiture, and individuals' relationship to their environment. To find out more have a look at the Spring 06 exhibition page.

19th August - 12th December 2005

Call to Organise! Colossal! interior

Call to Organise! Colossal! was a collaborative installation made specifically for the Travelling Gallery by Anne-Marie Copestake and Sophie Macpherson.

The exhibition included sculpture, paintings and a fascinating DVD, incorporating images and film clips of temporary and man made structures form around the world, and including references to some of the areas visited by the gallery during its sixteen week tour. The artists also built their own temporary structure within the gallery, gently altering the feel of the space. To find out more have a look at the Autumn 05 past exhibition.

28th February - 15th June 2005

Queue. Out of the Ordinary ExhibitionOUT OF THE ORDINARY examined how contemporary artists explore the traditional genre of still life. The exhibition showed work in a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and film, all of which stretched the boundaries of Still Life beyond our initial perceptions.

Exhibits included a luscious fruit still life by Caroline McCarthy, created from coloured toilet paper, and an elegant display of intricate glass works made from throwaway plastic bottles by Gerd Rohling. To find out more have a look at the Spring 05 past exhibition.

21 August - 10 December 2004

TGOZ exhibitionThe TGOZ exhibition featured new work by ten Scottish artists who have all been recipients of the Scottish Arts Council Australia Residency Award, which operated from 1993 to 2003. As part of the award the artists spent up to a year in Australia at Hobart School of Art and Canberra School of Art. To find out more have a look at the Autumn 04 past exhibition.

16 February - 5 June 2004

Real Life Rock Opera exhibitionThe Real Life Rock Opera: Volume One was an installation created by Scottish artist Ross Sinclair, which transformed the Travelling Gallery with deer antlers, sterlingboard, flashing neon sculptures, guitars and rocking beats.

As part of the exhibition Ross produced a CD of songs, which included traditional titles such as Will Ye No Come Back Again, Bonnie Mary O' Argyll and Abide With Me as well his own songs, such as Real Life is coming round the bend and I Love Real Life. Every visitor to the exhibition received a free copy of this CD. To find out more have a look at the Spring 04 past exhibition.

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