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Learning and Engagement Programme

The Travelling Gallery has always had an Learning and Engagement Programme. In fact, the very first exhibition in 1978 toured to a number of schools in the Borders area. Today the Learning and Engagement Programme employs various strands to increase the accessibility and learning potential of the exhibitions, through both formal and informal learning.

The Learning and Engagement Programme is based on consultation with hirers and users and has a particular emphasis in bringing working artists into communities.

Artist-led education events including workshops are organised and designed to explore the ideas, concepts and skills incorporated in the exhibition.

High quality printed interpretative materials are produced for each exhibition and distributed free of charge to all visitors. Travelling Gallery staff are experienced in giving talks on each exhibition, both formally to groups and informally to individuals attending at public venues. These talks will be adapted to be appropriate for various ages and abilities and are designed to give an insight into the artworks and to enable visitors to be confident of their own response to the work.

Education Packs are given out free to all schools and community venues before each Travelling Gallery visit. They are compiled by the Education Co-ordinator and include links with the school curriculum, interviews with the artists focussing on their influences and how their work relates in an art historical context, worksheets, project ideas and topics for discussion plus many colour reproductions of work. They are regarded as an invaluable tool for art teachers to inform and influence class work and are designed to be adaptable for all ages and abilities.

The Travelling Gallery work with artists who have considerable experience in running artistic educational events with various participants and are providers of valued, dynamic and inspiring learning opportunities.

Additionally, reference material about the artists and their work and subjects relevant to the exhibition's theme is available for visitors to browse through. This will include artists' CVs, past exhibition catalogues, books, articles and reviews, CD Roms etc.

All Travelling Gallery events are monitored and thoroughly evaluated.

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