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Autumn 05

19th August - 12th December 2005

Call to Organise! Colossal! was a collaborative installation made specifically for the Travelling Gallery by Scottish artists Anne- Marie Copestake and Sophie Macpherson.

Call to Organise exhibition

Anne-Marie and Sophie's proposal for the exhibition was selected by a panel from twenty proposals received from artists.

The exhibition included sculpture, paintings and a DVD, which incorporated images and film clips of temporary and man-made public structures from around the world. These included structures such as Soviet monumental sculptures, noticeboards outside village halls, public artworks, market town monuments and bus shelters. The interior of the gallery was gently altered by a wooden structure built by the artists.

The artists put together images that they found exciting or were inspired by, including references to the local areas visited by the gallery during its tour. They said:

Call to Organise detail

" We are keen to make an exhibition for this unique space, to create pieces of work for this particular environment and set of locations that are exceptional to the Travelling Gallery, and which will be a new way of working for us too."

The exhibition toured across Scotland from Orkney to Dumfries and Galloway, and was visited by over 7000 people. Here are some of their comments about the exhibition:

Brilliant! A really stimulating and exciting exhibition. Am looking forward to poring through the publication on the way home. Visitor, National Galleries, Edinburgh

Call to Organise workshop

Great idea to travel round with this - I particularly liked the drawing and painting Visitor, Dalkeith High Street

A super experience for the children, they were able to relate many personal experiences and work done in school to what they saw   Teacher, Primary School D&G

It was really good and fun. I enjoyed learning about the buildings Pupil, Primary School, South Lanarkshire

I liked the idea of the venue for an installation type piece being able to move. Its context will change at every stop almost. Brilliant.    Visitor, Aberdeen Art Gallery

I though the exhibition was very good and interesting and it was very nice to see modern art instead of old things in an art gallery. Overall I though it was extremely good and I'd like to see more things like this going about. Pupil, Secondary School, South Lanarkshire

Call to Organise workshop artwork

Art work very interesting yet weird, made you think about why it was created? Pupil, secondary school, South Lanarkshire

Some people thought it was boring but that means they have no imagination. I thought it was great! Pupil, Primary School, South Lanarkshire.

Anne-Marie and Sophie are artists based in Glasgow. they are both well established internationally and have been involved in arts projects throughout the world since graduating in the mid 90's. Call to Organise!Colossal! was the first time they had collaborated on a project.


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