Teachers' Reflections

"Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the visit with the children. The 'guided tour' made the exhibits very meaningful. "Primary School, S Lanarkshire

"The presenter involved the children and valued their suggestions and opinions.The children thoroughly enjoyed the artwork. Lots of discussion followed it. This was clearly a worthwhile experience." Primary School, Edinburgh

"The subject matter of the exhibition coincided with current classroom activities and was therefore of real value. The education pack was well prepared and relevant to the age groups taking part." Secondary School, Western Isles

"After the workshop, the group stated how much they had enjoyed the day and how much they had learned. Excellent teaching and communication." Secondary School, Western Isles

"We all enjoyed our day and learned a great deal! You really opened the children's minds to all sorts of possibilities! The parents who visited were also very impressed. Thanks again!" Primary School, Caithness and Sutherland

"Many thanks for an outstanding visit by the Travelling Gallery. Both the staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am sure that this enthusiasm will be developed within art and design lessons in the future. The children who attended the workshop also gained much from the experience and I am pleased to say that their work is already being displayed for all to see.. The gallery is an amazing resource." Primary School, Edinburgh

"The talk really raised awareness of what the artists were trying to express and made pupils think of different ways to create artwork. This was a great educational visit." Primary School, Dumfrieshire

"Just to say a big thank you for coming out here. It was a superb exhibition, sensitively put together with a clear concept of the target audience." Junior Highschool Benbecula, Western Isles 

"Caught the interest of the vast majority and I was especially pleased that some of our P.7 boys (who can be unmotivated) were enthralled by the art work and talk..I immediately contacted the Renfrewshire education advisor to say how worthwhile our day had been. Excellent! Keep up the good work!" Primary School, Renfrewshire

"Thank you very much. In any area like this it is wonderful that children can experience an exhibition." Anne Scott, Headteacher, Primary School, Sutherland & Caithness

"Much of the art work was a new concept for the pupils (and some of the staff). It was useful to have the exhibits explained as it gave a greater insight into the work."  Primary School, Edinburgh

"This challenged children to broaden their concept of art. It fits into the appreciation, reflection and evaluation component of the curriculum." Primary School, Edinburgh

"We would love to see the Travelling Gallery again and were interested in the exposure to conceptual art." Secondary School, West Lothian

"Keep coming. Useful, challenging shows. In an area like here it's hard to get to exhibitions. Useful for stimulating interest in art. Also useful for senior students, showing contemporary artists as part of the higher course." High School, Skye and Lochalsh

"The children were intrigued and captivated immediately as they entered the bus.It has given every child food for thought. The comments on their worksheets were very enlightening." Primary School, S. Lanarkshire 

"The exhibition widened children's experience and it encouraged both children and staff to think. Enhanced creativity." Primary School, S. Lanarkshire

"Living in such an isolated area it is not an everyday experience for our children to visit an art gallery. The idea of a Travelling Gallery is excellent. Also - the concept of art only being pictures has been thoroughly dispelled." Primary School, Dumfries and Galloway

"Not directly related to curriculum topics but made pupils think about different ways of creating art." Secondary School, Dumfries and Galloway

"The pupils (P1 to P7) all enjoyed the visit - as did the teachers. Pupils look forward to the gallery's visits and older pupils can still remember past visits. Keep coming!" Primary School, Isle of Skye

"Children were inspired by various exhibits, and want to create their own pieces of art.very much enjoyed this exhibition - one of the best!"  Primary School, Skye and Lochalsh