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Autumn 09

24th August - 11th December 2009

The Travelling Gallery exhibition 'Paint Can' looked at how contemporary artists used paint, and how the seductive qualities of paint can be used within other media, including film, animation, drawing and performance.

George Barber showed his performance film Automotive Action Painting. Shot from an overhead camera, the film shows cars spreading paint along a tarmac road, creating an abstract smear of vibrant colour.

Miranda Blennerhassett's wall painting successfully and subtly considered the architecture of the Travelling Gallery, the landscape it tours through and the other artworks in the exhibition.

Michael Craik's series used geometric patterns based on arabic architecture to build the surface of his paintings into a three dimensional, almost sculptural relief.

Alexis Harding applied domestic gloss paint onto oil paint, and his paintings are often pushed, pulled, squeezed and shaken to reveal wrinkled, scarred and puckered surfaces that continue to change even when hung in the gallery.

Jacco Olivier mixes painting and moving image to create short animations. Each painting is repeatedly reworked and photographed to create the film. The films are based on small moments of daily life, a bus journey, a swim in the sea, or a walk in the woods.

Carol Rhodes creates landscape paintings of views partly invented but with elements drawn from factual photographic sources, often using aerial views.

Christopher Stevens creates intricate drawings, which are remarkably realistic and even though monochrome evoke the colour and smell of oil paint.

Ufuk Gueray's bold painting 'Call me irresponsible' echoes the artists personal style of painting - out of control!

There was also a selection of sketchbooks from recent Scottish graduates on display in the gallery for visitors to look at.

Top Image:Turps Banana Study - Alexis Harding (Oil and Household Gloss Paint on MDF)
Second Image:Invasion (No.4) - Michael Craik (Oil on aluminium)
Third Image:Run - Jacco Olivier (Detail from DVD)