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Autumn 07

31st August to 9th December 2007

Access All Areas was a group show of international artists whose work has an interactive element. The artwork was accessible to all audiences, and particularly visitors with visual impairment.

Exhibits included a large textile ball sculpture by Sarah Kettley which responds to touch by purring, ' 0031' a sleek red box with a heartbeat, by German artist martinafischer13, sculptures based on the structure of footballs by Peter Gannon and a sound piece featuring noises from the rural landscape by Su Grierson.

in the Fields, environmental artists Nicole Heidke and Stefan Baumberger, created 'Ume', a solar powered wall piece which spins and flutters in the sun, generating sound and wind as well as being beautiful to look at, and Rosita McKenzie showed photographs of the temporary public artwork 'Wonder' which is sited on Portobello beach. Tactile interpretations and a cd brought this artwork to life for anyone who couldn't see the photographs.

The exhibition toured throughout Scotland for fifteen weeks, and had almost 8000 visitors. Here are some of their comments:

' I loved the gallery especially the solar plum tree and hug' Pupil, Primary School, Caithness

'It's fun that you can touch and feel and even hear some of the things' Pupil, Primary School, Caithness

'What a good thing to bring to Paisley' Visitor, County Square, Paisley

' This bus has fascinated me in many ways. The photography by Rosita McKenzie is really inspiring. I really love this bus.' Pupil, Secondary School, Aberdeen

' Pupils who would not normally engage with art were really suprised at their own reaction' Teacher, Primary School, Dumfries & Galloway

' The children were hugely interested in the fact that they had to use their senses to explore each exhibit' Teacher, Primary School, Dumfries & Galloway

The exhibition was accompanied by an education programme which included an education pack for venues and nine artist-led workshops. Each visitor to the gallery also received a booklet about the exhibition. If you would like a copy please send us an email. You can see pictures of artworks from workshops in the online gallery.

Top image: ' Body and Change' by Peter Gannon
Middle image: 'Ume' by in the fields
Middle image: Pupils take part in a workshop at James Hamilton Academy
Bottom image: '0031' by martinafischer13



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