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Mandy McIntosh

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Title: You are the Sun I am the Moon
Date: Jan/Feb 2012

Materials: Tapestry weave, wool, cotton, ribbon, mohair, Rapid Prototype, selective laser syntering, Accura 60 clear.

You are the Sun I am the Moon is a relationship between two objects which both have their roots firmly in technology either in the way they have been realised (a 3d virtual model, realised and then birthed as a prototype in our physical domain) and in their aesthetics (a tapestry woven by hand evoking the visual geological history of computers.) This could also be called Computationally Minimal Art, which I was recently introduced to as an aesthetic.

Restriction was already familiar to me through knitting and the idea of trying to represent something pictorially or formally using small squares. So these objects relate to each other as cutting edge and old school neighbours, bridging gaps and opening up all the haptic potential of machines through Looms and 3D printers.

Mandy McIntosh works in textiles, animation and social context. Her most recent film The Animal Riot will screen at the Georges Pompidou centre in Paris in Jan-Feb 2012 as part of Hors Piste and her shelter collaboration with Kaffe Matthews will be installed in Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park later in 2012. She recently learned to tapestry weave at Leith Academy in Edinburgh.

Mandy McIntosh received an Alt-w award in 2002

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Image: You are the Sun I am the Moon (detail)