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Kirsty Stansfield

tablephonograph sm.jpg

Title: Table Phonograph
Date: 2012

Materials: Android smart phone with downloadable App.

Kirsty Stansfield's interactive sound installations and sculptures provide situations and props in which sound mediates peoples' relationships to each other and to their physical environment. She uses a variety of media including video, sound, sculpture, installation and interactive technologies. She has worked with a broad range of practitioners from different fields, including computer-programmers, a choreographer, dancers, musicians, actors, a theatre director and voice coach. Informed by Thomas Edison's wax cylinder phonograph, and using smart phone technologies, Table Phonograph transforms the textures of our everyday environment, such as the surfaces of household furniture, into an intimate sonic landscape. This encourages us to engage with and listen to our personal habitats in a way that opens our awareness to their otherwise hidden characteristics.

Kirsty Stansfield has recently undertaken a period of research during a Creative Lab residency at CCA, Glasgow, with storyteller An Mertens (Brussels) and through ongoing collaborative work with artist Steven Anderson and writer / director Rachel Clive, including the recent performance project, "Moving In Houses", with Theatre Arts Group at Tramway, Glasgow.

Acknowledgements With thanks to IonRay Studios ( and Amulree (

To download Table Phonograph to your Android phone please click here.

This iteration of Table Phonograph is the adaptation of an original prototype device made with support from an Alt-w research & development award in 2003.

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