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in the fields

roto gravur smaller.jpg

Title: roto gravur nos 14,16 & 18

Materials: Printed rotating discs, motors, sensor

Spinning machines, gears, toothed wheels, transmission, Duchamp's rotoreliefs, bobbins, thread, weaving, fabric, patterns and moiré.

roto gravur is from a wall-based installation of 20 printed, transparent double discs, potentially rotating when people are passing by. Within the series of discs the patterns grow more and more complex. The last ones are geometrically organised like zillij-patterns. When the discs rotate, the closely spaced lines start to create different moirés due to the change of angles.

~ in the fields are artists Nicole Heidtke and Stefan Baumberger. They have received commissions for public artworks from across the UK, and in 2010 they won the Berlin University of the Arts Award for Interdisciplinary Art and Science for their work ink. In 2010-2011 they were Artists in Residence at the University College London Environment Institute for which they did research on the Shetland Islands.

~ in the fields received an Alt-w award in 2008

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