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David McAllister aka Invisibleknowledge

apache pilot sm.jpg

Title: Apache Pilot
Date: February 2012

Materials: Aluminium, web media

In this piece Invisibleknowledge is exploring the duality of living in a world immersed in technology.

Apache Pilot questions the increasingly blurred boundaries we have between our virtual and physical actions and the shift in accountability or emotional attachment this buffer of technology allows us.

The Manga style Apache pilot with his head in an evil cloud is starting to explore a duality created by our increased emersion in the internet or networked culture and a blurring of the physical with the non-physical worlds that we co-exist in. In many respects flying an Apache helicopter, commonly considered as the most dangerous vehicle in the sky, shooting at graphically enhanced enemy threats, is not dissimilar to playing a computer game. I am interested in how this duel existence changes our accountability and attitude to life.

As a piece of art the Apache Pilot acts as a mercenary piece of art going to the highest bidder once it's launch has been triggered.

Last year Invisibleknowledge exhibited work at Inspace, The Royal British Society of Sculptors, spoke at Apple and produced an artists edition which is set to launch with the new online identity at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops.

Invisibleknowledge has also received funding from City of Edinburgh Council for research into 3D printing technologies. He is currently undertaking collaborative research with Gordon Munro & Euan Robertson, partly funded by Edinburgh College of Art. This work is to show in Dusseldorf in 2013.

Invisibleknowledge will also be undertaking a project in ESW's newly built creative laboratories 2013.

David McAllister received an Alt-w award in 2011

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